TEXMO Solvent Cement are manufactured under strict quality control with latest technology as per ASTMD- 2564 specification. TEXMO Solvent Cement is a colourless solution used for joining RPVC pipes and Fittings. It is produced by dissloving suspension grade PVC resin, with a suitable K-value, in ketonic solvents. The products is flammable and hence should not be kept under direct sunlight or in abnormal ambient temperatures.


  • TEXMO Solvent Cement makes permanent joint for PVC pipes and fittings.
  • Does not affect the physical chemical and organic qualities of water being caried.
  • Non Toxic.
  • Liquid like composition leading into easy handling and use.
  • No harmful effects on skin.
  • Nominal quantity of solvent cement is needed per joint.
  • Effective over a wide temperature range.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Economical.

Method of Joint

  • Shake Solvent Cement bottle well before it use.
    Cut the pipe and remove the burrs.
  • Clean the surface of the pipe and inside of the socket.
  • Wipe the pipe and inside of the socket with sand paper.
  • Apply thin coat of solvent cement on pipe and inside of the socket with brush properly
  • Insert the pipe in the socket up to socket depth and leave it to dry.
  • After complete drying, get a unique joint.
  • Close the bottle immediately after use.

Joint Method


Cut the spigot end of the pipe square.


All burrs from the internal and external surface should be removed.

Assembly of joint

Apply uniform coat of solvent cement on the external surface of plain end of pipe and lighter coat on the internal surface of the socket.

Solvent Cement

Insert the pipe end into the socket and push it fully in.

Step 6

Remove the excess Solvent Cement and hold the joint firmly in the position or 30 second dry.

CautionIt is inflammable and hence should not be kept in direct sunlight and abnormal temperature. Keep it in cool place.


Domestic & Industial

  • Used for jointing of PVC pipes and Fittings.

Product Range

Available in plastic Bottles ranging from
25ml to 1000ml. and 5000ml. in Cane.

Solvent Cement Requirement for Joining

SizeNumber Of Joints Per LiterSizeNumber Of Joints Per Liter
15 mm370125 mm28
20 mm330
140 mm20
25 mm275160 mm15
32 mm250180 mm12
40 mm180200 mm10
50 mm135225 mm6
63 mm80250 mm5
75 mm65280 mm4
90 mm50315 mm3
110 mm35