“The companies that do not perform quality testing or maintain the standards are either out of business or on their way out.”

The quality procedures shows that at Texmo Pipes And Products Limited, the objective of our quality assurance system is to avoid defects in the Pipes and keep accuracy to meet the customers’ need rather than to find out the defects. As such, we emphasize quality control right from the beginning, i.e., the raw material inspection and the in-line inspection. The company has on its payroll, qualified persons who are in constant touch with our clients where from our orders are being executed. We also collect quality satisfaction certificates from our clients.

Our Quality procedures are outlined as follows:

  • Raw Materials Inspection – Initial check – Random check.
  • Pre-production meeting of the Quality inspectors and Production staff to ensure all the laid down agreed points for the final product is met and communicated well.
  • In-line Inspection to inspect the quality of work-in-progress goods.
  • Quality testing of Pipes by random sampling lot wise at our in-house laboratory as per Indian & International Standards.
  • Where ever external testing is preferred is also carried only after completion of internal In house Testing.
  • Full Consignment Checking of the processed Pipes before proceeding.
  • Final Inspection of goods and packing list before loading and Dispatch.

The wide range of polymer Pipes being manufactured by the above units to meet the requirements for various applications in the country in the present age of plastic culture. Due to use of such polymer pipe, which is an edge over the use of metal pipes i.e. PVC Pipes leads to minimize the cost factor by way of overall use, such as installation, transportation, no risk of Health hazard etc.



Awarded Quality Assurance Certificate first time in Madhya Pradesh from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
Possess ISI Certifications from Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), which are as follows.

  • BIS License For Potable Water Supply i.e. IS - 4985/2000

  • BIS License For UPVC Plain and Ribbed Casing for Bore/Tube wells i.e. IS - 12818/2010

  • BIS License for PVC Conduits For Electrical Installation i.e. IS - 9537 Part 3/1983

  • BIS License For HDPE quick coupled Pipe (for Sprinkler application) i.e. IS -   14151: Part 2/2008

  • BIS License For HDPE Pipes for potable water supplies i.e. IS - 4984/1995

  • BIS License For LLDPE online Drip lateral for Irrigation   i.e. IS – 12786/1989

  • BIS License For UPVC Pipes Sil and Waste discharge system inside building including ventilation and rain water system   i.e. IS -   13592/1992

    • BIS License for Emitting Pipe system (Inline Drip lateral class-2) i.e. IS – 13488/2008

    • BIS License for Flexible PVC Pipes for suction and delivery Lines of Agriculture pumps i. e. IS- 15265/2003

    • BIS License for Irrigation Equipments Emitters i. e. IS-13487/1992

    • BIS License for Injection Molded PVC socket fittings 90 Tees & 90 Elbows for water supply i.e. IS-7834/1987 Part 3&4

    •  BIS License for Injection Molded fitting for soil & waste discharge system for inside & outside buildings i.e. IS-14735/1999.

  • B.S.N.L QA Type Approval Certificate For PLB HDPE Pipes As Per Tele Communication ducting Specification Registered With M.T.N.L ISO-Certification 9001-2008 i. e. GR/TEC/TX/CDS-008/03MAR.2011

  • Approval Certificate from M.T.N.L., B.S.N.L., V.S.N.L., B.E.S.T., IDEA, RELIANCE.

SSI Registration Certificate
NSIC - Certificate
Approval Certificate from M.T.N.L., B.S.N.L., V.S.N.L., B.E.S.T., IDEA, RELIANCE.
Awarded ISO-9001 Certificate.


  • Awarded  First ISI License in Madhya Pradesh IS:12818 For Casing Pipes
  • Expansion of Manufacturing process
  • Implementation of Molded Fittings Manufacturing process
  • Awarded  1st  ISI license for  Suction Hose  Pipe in INDIA
  • Awarded BHAMASHAH PURASKAR from Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

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